Sweet Cakes Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches - 30 Count

Face the day with confidence—keep calm and patch on! These Sweet cakes-shaped hydrocolloid patches help improve the look of skin overnight or during the day, visibly absorbing impurities and shrinking the appearance of surface-level breakouts. Product benefits & features: ● Promotes healing ● Prevents picking ● Non-drying & drug-free ● Fun, super-cute design Benefits of the hydro-colloid formula: ● Helps control oiliness ● Helps reduce redness & inflammation ● Helps shrink spots ● Stop the pop! LET'S DO THIS: ● Apply the patch to clean, dry skin. ● Make sure the patch covers any spot completely. ● Leave the patch on overnight (or for 6+ hours). ● Remove the patch & discard. Psssst! Remember to keep your pimple patches in a cool, dry place!
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