POREFECT MATCH Pimple Patches & Nose Pore Strips

* Available in 2 Colors* Meet your skin's perfect match for keeping pores in check! SpaLife's pimple patches and nose strips are made of healing hydrocolloid to help absorb pore-clogging dirt and oil while shrinking the look of stubborn whiteheads. Why We Love it: * Visibly absorb dirt and oil. * Drug free & non-drying. * Includes 36 round patches, & 1 nose strip LET'S DO THIS: PIMPLE PATCHES: • Thoroughly cleanse and dry face • Peel off one pimple patch and gently apply to blemish • Make sure to cover spot completely, pressing edges down • Leave on for 8-10 hours • Remove gently and discard after use. NOSE STRIP: • Thoroughly cleanse and dry face • Apply hydrocolloid nose strip to bridge of nose, tacky-side facing down • Smooth edges down to ensure strip is flush to skin • Leave on for 8-10 hours • Gently peel away from nose and discard after use
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