Wax Melt - 2 Ounces Resealable Pouch

Toddy: Sweet fresh-sliced apple stirred with vanilla bean caramel and mulled whiskey and wine.

Cream: Rich and creamy pumpkin puree is blended with a decadent touch of whipped vanilla cream and sweet coconut milk topped with gently toasted coconut flakes.

Brandy: Aged to perfection, apricot brandy is blended with cinnamon chiffon and sugared amber.

Pecan: A festive blend of fresh, woodland pecans swirled with gently spiced pumpkin fruit and the enticing sweetness of salted caramel, vanilla-infused marshmallow, and rich brown sugar.

Toasted: The taste-tempting aroma of sugary sweet vanilla joins decadent, pumpkin spice-infused marshmallows caramelized to a golden brown with a sprinkling of brown sugar crystals.

White: Traditional notes of harvest pumpkin are elevated with spicy Ceylon cinnamon, grated nutmeg, and crushed peppercorn swirled with zesty ginger and sweet vanilla.

Made in United States of America


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