3 Wick Dough Bowl Candle

These 13 oz candles come in a stunning wood dough bowl, making it the perfect decorative addition to any home. These also make an amazing gift!

Fir Fraser Fir: A comforting blend of bright citrus notes intertwined with earthy notes of evergreen and cedar. This festive aroma is further enhanced by fir balsam, amber, and moss bottom notes. This will be in a white distressed dough bowl.

Mapple Bourbon - Apple Maple Bourbon: a delicious blend of sweet apple with maple and a spicy bourbon undertone.

Pumpkin - Pumpkin Souffle: A warm pumpkin, with a spicy blend of cinnamon, crushed clove with hints of nutmeg and orange peel, topped with butter, brown sugar on a rich vanilla base.  This will be in a white distressed dough bowl.

Cranberry: Spiced Cranberry Apple: Sweet tart blend of succulent cranberries - cinnamon and spiced apples - clove spice. This will be in a brown natural wood dough bowl.

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Fir White
Apple Brown
Apple White
Maple Bourbon Brown
Maple Bourbon White
Coffee Brown
Coffee White
Fir Brown