Castor Oil 100% Pure For Hair Skin Lashes- Mint With Dropper

The multitasking holy grail oil! Help boost your beauty routine from head to toe with 100% pure castor oil rich in vitamin E, proteins, & unsaturated fatty acids. Why We Love it: • Moisturizes for supple & glowing skin • Boosts shine & healthy hair growth • Promotes fuller brows & lashes • Conditions cuticles & nails • Includes reusable applicators: 2x brow brush, 2x lash line applicator, & serum dropper LET'S DO THIS: • Face: Apply 1-2 drops of oil to clean skin daily. Gently pat into clean skin until absorbed. • Hair & scalp: Part hair into sections. Apply 1-2 drops to scalp & ends of hair. Leave on overnight & wash out in the morning. • Brows: Apply 1 drop of serum to brow brush & comb onto brows. Wash off with warm water in the morning. • Lashes: Carefully apply to base of lash line. Let sit overnight & wash off with warm water in the morning. • Nails: Apply to nail-beds & massage into cuticles.
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