Banana Bright Under Eye Mask - 6 Pairs

Banana, turmeric & Vitamin C infused (*Patch test on sensitive skin). Works Best for Targeting: ● Fine lines ● Dry under eyes ● Dullness ● Dehydration Product Benefits: ● Vitamin C helps awaken & illuminate the under eye area. ● Turmeric helps brighten dark circles & discoloration. ● Moisturizes & boosts collagen to helps smooth fine lines. LET'S DO THIS: * Apply to clean & dry under eye area. * Leave on for 15–20 mins. * Remove & discard after single use. * Gently massage in excess serum until it’s fully absorbed. * Marvel at your fresh glow! PRO Tip: Use these masks ahead of any long periods spent outdoors to better protect eyes from free radical damage.
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